Transform Any Ladder into an Extreme Ice Ladder with Ladder Talons™

The Next Generation of Anti-Slip Ladder Technology

54% of all ladder falls are a result of ladder movement. $15 Billion cost of workplace ladder injuries.

Easy to see, easy to use

Ladder Talons™ add a minimal amount of size to ladder feet, and are painted bright yellow to help avoid tripping risk during normal ladder operation. No need to worry about extra clunky attachments or accessories getting in the way.

This patented design also allows personnel to mount or remove Ladder Talons™ from ladders in minutes. This allows placement on and transfer between a variety of different ladders as needed, saving work hours without cutting corners and risking injury claims due to slip-out.

More weight, more bite

With our patented design, any downward force put on the ladder simply makes Ladder Talons™ claw deeper into the frozen ground, providing even more traction and further reducing the risk of slip-out*. Additionally, the lightweight design of Ladder Talons™ helps to maximize the amount of weight that can be used for personnel, tools and materials while remaining within manufacturer weight limits. This is why Ladder Talons™ are the premier anti-slip solution.

*Always follow manufacturer weight limits and grade of ladder weight loads and safety requirements.

For Industrial Extension Ladders

Why rely on a single toe spike on your extension ladders that are prone to sinking and only provide limited ice control? Ladder Talons™ will outperform any single toe spike in terms of traction, by providing a full surface of talons to claw into ice, along with a widened foot plate to prevent sinking into softer ground.

This patented design allows Ladder Talons™ to adapt to any ladder with a pressure fit, without any modifications or damage to the existing manufactured foot, to provide multiple spikes for clawing into frozen surfaces and ice.

Problem: Some extension ladders can be difficult to stand and position due to height, and the built-in single toe spike cannot be engaged until the ladder is fully vertical.

SOLUTION: Mounting and using Ladder Talons™ to provide claw action into the ground surface, a new fulcrum point is created to help stand an extension ladder with ease.

For A-Frame Ladders and Multi-Ladders

Did you know most manufactured A-Frame or Architectural Multi-Ladders have NO extra slip-out protection, even though they are one of most common types of ladders on the market to date?

Problem 1: A multi-ladder, while in extension ladder mode, has only a rubber rounded foot providing very limited traction.

Problem 2: ALL ladders in A-Frame mode can slip, slide or kick in a circular direction while on frozen or icy ground. This creates a serious risk of injury and lost time to the operator and their employer.

Problem 3: The design of Architectural Multi-Ladders in A-Frame mode relies on foot traction and a shear pin to keep the ladder from collapsing. On slippery surfaces with little foot traction, a LOT of stress is being put on that one shear pin, creating a single point of failure and increased risk of collapse.

SOLUTION: Ladder Talons™ provide the extra slip-out protection that A-Frame Ladders and Architectural Multi-Ladders lack, helping to prevent slip-outs and accidental rotation of ladders on slippery surfaces. The increased foot traction that Ladder Talons™ provide also helps to relieve stress on Multi-Ladders’ top shear pin, increasing rigidity and reducing risk of pin failure and ladder collapse.

  • Transform any ladder into a extreme ice ladder
  • On and off in minutes, saving hours on the work site and time management
  • Simple design fits around existing ladder feet with a pressure fit design
  • Lightweight, high-grade aluminum to withstand extreme environmental conditions
  • Compatible with “A” frame ladders and extension ladders of different manufacturers, feet and grades
  • Two sizes to choose from

#1 In Adaptable Ladder Traction Technology

  • Increased safety and traction to help prevent fall injury by ladder slip out
  • Simple design built for the most extreme conditions
  • Adaptable to a variety of extension ladders and A-Frame ladders of different manufactures and grades
  • Wide foot to help prevent sinking in mud and grass
  • For use on frozen ground ice, snow, mud & wet grass

Two sizes to choose from:

6″ Ladder Talons

Inside Dimensions: 2 1/2″ x 4 7/8″
Lightweight, high-grade aluminum construction
Set of 2

$167.99 + tax & $9.99 shipping

9″ Ladder Talons

Inside Dimensions: 2 3/8″ x 7 3/4″
Lightweight, high-grade aluminum construction
Set of 2

$189.99 + tax & $9.99 shipping

“Putting safety back into ladders, one step at a time”