1. Remove Ladder Talons™ product from box
2. Remove bolt package – 12 supplied
3. Fit existing ladder foot into Ladder Talon cavity, sliding foot against inside cavity.
4. Thread in supplied bolts careful not to cross thread them, turn right rotation (clockwise) to tighten, turn left rotation (counter-clockwise) to loosen.
5. Tighten bolts pressing lightly against ladder foot securing the Ladder Talon to the
pre-existing foot. Hand wrench may be required.
6. Do not over tighten or force pressure against manufactured ladder foot or damage may result to ladder. Never use power tools to tighten bolts.
7. Find the most secure bolt combination for maximum hold to existing ladder foot
8. Ladder is now ready for use with Ladder Talons™, the ultimate adaptable ladder traction safety technology.


  • DO NOT use on wood, concrete or finished surfaces, will aggressively scratch and leave marks.
  • DO NOT place on power cords or anything one does not wish talons to penetrate, puncture or damage.
  • DO NOT modify Ladder Talons™.
  • Ladder Talons™ are highly aggressive and could pose risk of injury if misused.
  • Remove Ladder Talons™ before external transportation.
  • Always wear proper PPE.
  • Use at own risk and follow ALL safety requirements of ladder operation.
  • Read all steps before mounting Ladder Talons.
  • Keep out of reach of children

“Putting safety back into ladders, one step at a time”